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Welcome to the Digging into Early Colonial Mexico (DECM) Historical Gazetteer!

This historical gazetteer of Mexico and Guatemala is one of the outputs of the T-AP project “Digging into Early Colonial Mexico: A large scale computational analysis of 16th century historical sources”.

Here you can consult information about more than 14,000 placenames and thousands of historical locations that range from the Mesoamerican to the Colonial period. This historical gazetteer was created from primary and secondary sources, however, the sixteenth-century information was derived from two main primary sources: the Relaciones Geográficas de Nueva España (1577-1585) and the Suma de Visitas de los Pueblos de la Nueva España (1548–1550). You can read about the project and the process of creation of the gazetteer here.

As with all historical gazetteers, the construction of the DECM dataset is still ongoing. If you would like to contribute to the scholarly efforts to expand the study of Mesoamerican and Colonial geographies and the information in this gazetteer, click here to learn how to become part of our team!

You can access the information of the DECM gazetteer in three different ways:

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  2. 2. Access the information through our API.
  3. 3. Check out the GIS dataset from our repository.
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